To predict the cannabis sector emerging” would be an understatement at this point – based on research by industry expert GreenWave, legal bud sales in the United States reached $6.5 billion last year. Not a lot of us can manage an Empire Glass cost point, so in the event that you’d like a functional piece of artwork on your bong afterward the Classically Worked by UPC is your piece. Aside from your average glass bong that simply allows the smoking of dry herbs, the double action inline gets the ability to also be used for concentrates, waxes, and oils!

Certainly, a high choice in regards to the very best silicone bongs presently in the marketplace. This illustration of ceramic bongs is just another limited edition, and only 120 will be sold, so you don’t have a lot of time to act. Now here is a bong available that showcases the talent and creativity available in a Grav Labs workroom.

All of the brands here put out nothing but grade A bongs, dab rigs and hand pipes. Featuring a turbine and an angled-slit circ perc, this bit also boasts the Grav Labs sunrise decal to increase the clean, glossy aesthetic. Glass that’s delicate or precarious is also best applied to private or controlled usage, and such pieces remain successful due to their intricate and often beautiful layouts.%image_alt%

Based in San Francisco, LeewayHertz designs and develops advanced mobile programs for a number of the world’s most famous brands, small businesses and startups alike. The splash guard includes slits therefore vapor may still pass through, but the surface is domed so the water falls back into the bottom of the pipe.

Ice notches, along with an 11.5 cm downstem diffuser, make for some of the most bizarre hits potential. Quite a few smoker’s from the world now that have already heard of Medibubbler don’t even bother looking at other brands anymore, and here’s why.

If you are insured by GlassGuard and have an accident, send Smoke Cartel a photograph of your broken piece. The pirate boat bubbler is certainly a masterpiece and definitely a landmark in functioning glass pieces – with a price tag to match, but when it comes to the planet’s priciest bong, it all comes down to its story.%image_alt%