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A Fond Farewell

It is hard to believe but our last alpaca leaves for her new home in a few hours. What a great adventure this has been, starting in 1998 seeing our first alpaca till today as Mackenzie goes to her new owner.We have met so many wonderful people along the way from Mark and Rachel Hendrickson our mentors, to alpaca breeders all across the country. We feel so blessed to have been a part of this wonderful community.
Our hope is the alpaca community continues to grow and flourish.

Vayo con Dios.
Mike & Linda

2009 Sundowner Trailer for sale.
Congratulation to Wendy Dittbrenner on her purchase of Moraes.

Congratulations to Bob Shailer and Phil Lasswell on their purchase of Malitta of ATV

Mackenzie goes to her new home. Congratulations Kristina Moog

A little history.

Square Top Ranch is located in the rolling grasslands of Sonoita Arizona, in the state’s Southeastern region. Sonoita is part of the Mountain Empire which also includes Patagonia and Elgin. This region is home to a growing vineyard industry, horse and cattle ranching, a rural lifestyle and more recently the beautiful alpaca.

Our first encounter with an alpaca was at the local county fair, and from then on our interest and involvement in learning more about these gentle creatures grew. After ranch visits, classes and gleaning as much information as we could, and then doing a little soul searching, we bought our first alpaca. We haven’t looked back since.

Since purchasing our first alpaca in 1999 our herd has grown to 20-37 alpacas depending on the season. Our idyllic yet profitable lifestyle has become a reality. Our business includes raising and selling these wonderful animals and related alpaca products, as well as boarding for other owners.

Our goal is to breed and raise conformationally correct, fine fleeced animals with gentle endearing personalities. We concentrate on hands-on individual attention; our personal care for each individual animal ensure its health and happiness. The results are alpacas that are people friendly and easier to raise and handle.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being an alpaca owner is the lifestyle and the chance to meet others who love and care for these amazing creatures

Square Top Ranch is owned and operated by Mike & Linda Wood.

Member, Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association, Alpaca Breeders of Arizona, Alpaca Registry Incorporated,, Build a Tent Fiber Industry Initiative, Local First Arizona and Sonoita-Elgin Chamber of Commerce . We adhere to a Business Code of Ethics.